Zareba T-Post Cap Insulator - White


Zareba® T-Post Cap Insulator - White

Sharp-edged T-post tops can injure your horses and livestock, causing pain to the animals and expensive veterinary bills for you. The Zareba White T-Post Safety Cap & Insulator protects animals from the sharp-edged T-post tops. They fit 1.25 and 1.33 T-posts and accommodate any gauge wire, too! These white electric fence insulators are packed 10 per bag.

• Works with low impedance and standard duty fence controllers
• Fits easily and securely on Wood Posts and 133, 125, and 101 size T-Posts
• Provides maximum protection for horses, show cattle, or any livestock protecting them from sharp, jagged T-Post tops
• Large shield to prevent shorting

• Accomodate all sizes of poly tape up to 1½" wide, any smooth gauge steel wire or any rope up to ½" in diameter. Not for use with high tensile fencing.

• Latch snaps securely, but poly tape or wire can float freely in all directions

• Rugged durable construction

• Excellent insulating characteristics

• Large shield to prevent shorting

• UV-protected to resist weathering, even under the harshest conditions

• 10 white insulators per bag