Zareba 5 Mile AC-Powered Charger


Zareba® 5 Mile AC-Powered Charger

This innovative, light-duty electric fence charger is capable of providing an uninterrupted electrical current for farm fence lines up to 5 miles in length during peak operating conditions. This charger is equipped with a 1-amp fuse, along with a fused panel for maximum down-line protection in the event of unexpected power surges, as well as a weather-resistant cabinet to prevent the elements from damaging its internal circuitry. The Zareba AC-Powered, 5 Mile Charger can perform flawlessly in the most demanding operating conditions.

Comes with a 1-yr warranty that includes damage caused by lightning.

• 5 mile range in ideal conditions

• High power, low cost

• Extension power cord for

easy placement

• Input voltage: 110-120 VAC,

60 Hz, 1 VA

• Joule output rating: 0.1

• Weather resistant cabinet

that protects circuitry

• Pulsating AC curent output energizer