Zareba 2" Polytape


Zareba® 2" Polytape

Looking for lightweight, portable temporary fencing wire? One that's visible and safer than traditional wire?

Our Zareba® 2" Polytape is a highly visible, lightweight wiring for electric fences. This polytape allows horses and other animals to see it more easily than regular wiring. p>

Note: For use in temporary rotational grazing or in conjunction with permanent, perimeter fencing. It is not intended as the sole means of restraint.

For best results: Use with a low-impedance fence charger. AC-power fence charger should be UL listed. This product is not intended for use with continuous current or weed chopper type of fence chargers.

• 2” Polytape

• Highly visible to horses and other animals

• 500 foot (152 meter) spool.

• Contains 14 strands of electrical conductors

• Breaking load of 890lbs.

• Easier to install, repair and splice than regular wiring

• Will not rust

• Note: This is not designed to function under extreme tension and must be used in conjunction with a permanent fence