Zareba 1" Polytape 200 Meter


Zareba® 1" Polytape 200 Meter

This fence wire is excellent for containing your horses since it makes it easier for both you and the horses to see the fence.

Our Zareba® 1" Polytape 200 Meter is very visible, lightweight wiring for electric fences. This 1” highly visible polytape is easier for horses and other animals to see than regular electric fence wire.

Lock-stitched edges and weather-resistant UV protection provides durability to this polytape. The open weave design allows wind to pass through, reducing wear and increasing the life of the fence line.

Roll contains 1" x 200 meters (656 feet) of poly tape. Tensile strength is 320 lb/force.

Note: For use in temporary rotational grazing or in conjunction with permanent, perimeter fencing. It is not intended as the sole means of restraint.

For best results: Use with a low-impedance fence charger. AC-power fence charger should be UL listed. This product is not intended for use with continuous current or weed chopper type of fence chargers.

• 1” Polytape

• Contains 8 strands of electrical conductors

• Breaking load of 320lbs.

• Easier to install, repair and splice than regular wiring

• Note: This is not designed to function under extreme tension and must be used in conjunction with a permanent fence