ElectroBraid Copper Split Bolt Connector


ElectroBraid® Copper Split Bolt Connector

The braided rope ElectroBraid® Copper Split Bolt Connector allows the connection of one braided rope to another to reach all electric fence posts! Connect ElectroBraid® braided rope to the end insulator at the ends of the braided rope.

Use Only Recommended Materials

Do not use make-shift insulators, connectors or ordinary electrical wire with your ElectroBraid® fence system. Use only copper-clad ground rods (ElectroBraid® copper ground rod kit or ElectroBraid® sectional ground rod kit), copper split bolt connectors and ElectroBraid® copper lead-out wire. Using genuine ElectroBraid® materials:

prevents corrosion due to electrolysis
provides optimum electrical conductivity
reduces maintenance
increases the life of the fence

• Product Dimensions - 0.8 in x 4 in x 7.2 in

• Item Weight - 11.5oz

• Connects two ElectroBraid® braided rope strands without power loss

• Allows for electrical connections between the fence and charger, and fence and ground rods

• An integral part of the copper-based ElectroBraid® system

• 10 bolts per package

• Copper Conductivity exceeds performance stainless, mixed metal and steel

• ElectroBraid® Is Americas #1 Horse Fence - Safe, Secure and Simple to install