CP5W40 5-6" x 8' Corner Post (CCA Kiln Dried)


An ideal agricultural fence post should be strong, long-lasting, economical, and available when you want it. This is why it makes practical sense to use Wolmanized® Heavy Duty™ posts from Robbins, pressure-treated with CCA (chromated copper arsenate) preservative that has more than 75 years of proven performance. Wolmanized® Heavy Duty™ posts from Robbins are backed by a 30-year limited warranty.

Wood Treated Right™
Proper pressure treatment is important to ensure resistance to termites and decay. Wolmanized® Heavy Duty™ agricultural fence posts are treatment protected with durable CCA preservative. CCA, impregnated in solution with water, provides the most dependable protection against wood-destroying organisms. CCA-treated posts are clean-to-the-touch and odor-free. Robbins tests each fence post bundle to ensure that the retention rates are met. The quality of treatment is also monitored by an independent inspection agency.

Strength and Renewability
Wood is exceptionally strong for its weight. Because of its superior strength, wood is commonly used for end posts, gates, and braces. And wood offers another advantage that has grown in importance: it is a renewable resource. Wood is also economical, requires less energy to produce than other building materials, and is readily modified during construction.