Bekaert Gaucho High Strength Sheep & Goat 48"H X 330'L 213412



Gaucho High Strength Sheep and Goat fence has 4 X 4 openings. Strong, "S" style knots keep sheep and goats confined and predators out. Gaucho® High Strength Sheep and Goat fence is made from high strength steel wire. The use of high strength wire means that our fence is both stronger and easier to install. Testing has shown that our high strength wire is 40% stronger than standard low carbon wire. Because the line wires are stronger and lighter in weight, it requires fewer posts during installation. Once the fence is properly installed, our high strength fences remain tight for years and require very little maintenance. Gaucho® High Strength Sheep and Goat fence products meet or exceed ASTM A-856 coating standards.

Fence design: 1348-4
Height: 48"
Vertical spacing: 4"
Roll length: 330'
Line wire gauge: 12.5-gauge
Filler wire diameter: 14-gauge
Coating: Bezinal coating