Innovative Projects to Build on Farmland

Innovative Projects to Build on Farmland

Farming takes a lot of moving parts to keep running. From the equipment to store and the animals to house. Thankfully Sparr Building and Farm Supply are there for all of your agriculture supply needs. Of course, you could continue with the traditional big barn, but there are several other innovative projects to build on farmland. Let’s take a look at some ideas and the materials you can use to make them come to life.



Since there is so much to do on the farm, it is far easier to live on-site rather than commute back and forth. After all, when you are dealing with live animals, emergencies can happen, though you might not know about them if you are not on site. To provide extra storage and live on-site, barndominiums have become the answer. 

Barndominiums are a new popular structure that many are building on their farmland. Barndominiums are various combinations of workspaces, storage spaces, and a home for your family. There are several barndominium designs and a ton of materials you can use to make them happen. 

Some material ideas for barndominiums include ICF (insulating concrete forms) construction, which are hollow concrete forms that can be filled with insulation and surfaced with traditional materials. ICF construction provides extra protection from the elements creating a stronger build than just wood framing which is excellent on a farm. 

Additionally, many put a lot of windows in their barndominiums to let in natural light and be able to experience the vast views that come with farmland. The best new construction windows are typically double-paned for energy efficiency or storm-rated windows for areas with severe weather.


Chicken Coops

Chickens are a good animal for any farm, but they need a coop. There are a lot of creative options to go with. In fact, several people design the outside with different paintings and designs. 

Chicken coops can be simple, made out of just cinder blocks or they can be elaborate with wood construction, insulation, and windows like a mini house. Chicken coops can also be a part of a larger structure that holds goats, or other compatible animals with chickens. Keep in mind that chickens will need both indoor and outdoor space. They require 2-3 square feet inside and about 8-10 square feet outside. 

Ensure that wherever you build your chicken coop has enough space to have a connected outdoor run so that you don’t have to herd them back and forth between outside and inside time.


"She Sheds" & Man Caves

She Sheds and Man Caves are a new movement that isn’t for the animals. They are for the humans taking good care of the animals. With a farm, comes the stress of making sure everything goes as planned, so you always have to prioritize self-care. She Sheds and Man Caves are a great way to do that as they serve to be a place separate from the main house that is full of your favorite things. 

You can make these anything you want them to be. Get a pre-built shed, or build the structure yourself. As far as the inside is concerned, the sky's the limit. Put a sofa and TV, a bar, some exercise equipment, or anything that brings you joy. Consider solar power for some electricity to really make it a happy place. Electricity provides the option for air conditioning-- trust us, you’ll want that after spending all day outside on the farm.


Storage Buildings

From a different tractor for every job, feed, saddles, fencing materials, and more, sometimes one barn on your farmland isn’t enough. Storage buildings can offer a way to spread out your machinery and farm tools closer to where you need them and make some more room in the barn for the animals. 

Storage buildings are typically wood framed with a tin roof, but adding a cedar shake roof can give it a different look. These can be built as big as you need, but having multiple structures, instead of one or two large ones can help with organization and efficiency, especially if your farmland is dozens of acres.



Greenhouses allow you to provide food for your family all year round or even made a side income when the ground can’t be planted. Greenhouses serve all sorts of purposes and are a great addition to your farmland. Start your seedlings, grow your favorite flowers, or maintain a garden in a greenhouse. 

The construction of greenhouses can be simple or elaborate. Some build them out of old windows, while others create an insulated climate-controlled environment with artificial lighting sources. 

Some innovative things people have started adding to their greenhouses are solar power for artificial lighting, composting bins for fertilizer, and rainwater collection to water the plants. These additions make the greenhouse completely off-grid, saving money, and the Earth. Make them as big or small as you want, but even though greenhouses have been around for a while, you can still make them innovative.


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